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Kaizen league vision

Founder and President, Professor Rick Cropper

Hello, thank you for giving me the time to share my vision for the Kaizen Invitational Martial Arts League. I aspire to make a change with the ambition to give back to the martial arts community in the Pacific Northwest.


My inspiration was to create a sport martial art tournament league that adhered to a code of conduct, essentially steeped in honor and respect. My motivation was to provide an impactful activity that would be family oriented, give competitive martial artists a platform to test and hone their skills and provide an opportunity for young martial artists to make a positive difference in the world that surrounds them.


I believe with the guidance of the Kaizen League's experienced and caring executive council, together with the League's highly motivated tournament promotors and their hard working staff members, that we can provide martial art tournaments that are safe, well organized, professional, and an overall fun and exciting experience for all who attend.


My long term goal for the Kaizen Martial Arts League is to gain recognition and emerge to a position of prominence and prestige, not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally so that we can build our martial art community and bring other martial artists into the fold.


Again, I respect and appreciate your time spent with me and I hope that you'll accept my personal invitation to join in and experience historic martial art events in the Pacific Northwest.


Peace and Happiness,

Profession Rick Cropper



New optional Divisions for 55+ Players, Team Synchronized Forms, Team Sparring, and Continuous Sparring, See the Rule Book for complete division information


NEW for 2020!

Contact Due to Player Negligence - pg 11

UBB Point Sparring

Amount of Points to Win: Total number of accumulated points in two (2) minutes or a ten (10) point spread. - pg 8